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Chico 1/30/2010 Vallejo - Morton Field
  • Touch Practice Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30pm to 8:30pm.


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News & Updates

First Match of 2011

Post by: John at 1:40 pm January 11, 2011

We traveled to Santa Rosa’s For Pete’s Sake Field on a cold Saturday January 8th for our first match of 2011.  We played the Santa Rosa Men’s Rugby Club’s Be side.  We brought Around eight guys.  We joined with the hardy souls of the Redwood Empire team.  The score was not the point.  99-5.

We played four 20 minute halves.  This is pre-season and for many the first time to be on the field so the score doesn’t count.  We need to see what a match is like with competition.  we need to get use to moving the ball against someone.

Everyone needs to decide if they want to get fit enough to play.  40 minute halves are hard and the last 20 minutes are when the match is won. 

 We need to get bodies to practice.  If you go out onto the pitch you must remember you can get hurt if you are not ready.  Tell your friends, bring a buddy.  We can teach you.  But you have to come to practice to learn to work together.

The next match is scheduled for Jan 22 if we have the numbers.

Hittin the Field

Post by: John at 7:05 pm January 30, 2010

The Vallejo Barbarians took the pitch this afternoon with Fifteen total players ready to play.  Most of the players joined the team this week.  We began the rebuilding process.  The new boys played a fit and well trained Chico team.
The Barbarians played hard and were learning with every minute of the match.  For most this was the first time they had played rugby.  The great heart of the Barbarians showed once again.  These guys played 80 minutes trying to figure what was going on.
Next week they will have a much better understanding of what to expect and how to play.  The match is the best way to learn the game.  Who cares what the score is.  We will learn and get better and scare the hell out of the rest of Division II sooner than they expect.
The official score will be 61-0.  The second match started at the half so we could give Chico’s B side a work out.
For those who want a great afternoons work out, come join the Barbarians.

Movin Up

Post by: John at 10:28 am September 8, 2009

Lani and I have returned from the NCRFU meeting.

We have moved up to Division II. We were in the top four in Division III. Vacaville and Stanislaus and Vallejo moved to the Second division.

Mission is not part of the Union this year. The Bay Barbarians most of the Fajians of the Mission have joined the Second division.

Division II will be:

Diablo Gaels, Concord
Bay Barbarians Campbell
San Jose
East Palo Alto
Arryo Grande
Santa Rosa
Golden Gate

There will be 11 matches. They don’t have a start date. Maybe the second week of January. That would be the twenty third.

Santa Rosa is getting a division III team the feel that some of the boys will go with them. If that is the case those who go have our blessings. It is expensive to travel down twice a week. There is two hours wasted each day. Those who stay with us we welcome with open arms.

There were three additional teams that went into Division III.

Our longest trip would be to Arryo Grande. That is near San Louis Obispo. Just as far as Humboldt. The next is Fresno. Then Stanislaus in Modesto.

We will be looked down on again. We can beat any of these teams. They haven’t had to deal with Vallejo.

I will let you know when the season will start. I will send a letter to the teams and get an earlier start date if possible. Speak to your friends ask you relatives we will need all the help we can get.

Back in the News

Post by: John at 8:47 pm June 14, 2009

The Vallejo Barbarians played the Chico Mighty Oaks in the first match of the Final Four of the Northern California Rugby Football union Division III playoffs. The . The Barbarians and the Oaks struggled up and down the files for 15 minutes of the first half. Chico converted the first of four penalty kicks.

The Barbarians responded with a try. The conversion at a sharp angle and missed. The Barbarians moved the ball till the half with one more try. The half closed with the Barbarians ahead 10 -9

The barbarians moved the bal well and in the second half scoring fifteen more points. They lead the mighty Oaks by 6 points at the last minute. The Oaks were given a penalty try in the finial second. The oaks converted and won 25-26 after time was out.

It was a very hard loss. The Boys played their hearts out. The true sign of greatness is to deal with defeat in the same way you deal with victory. The true victory was the heart the boys showed through out the season. Starting in September getting ready for the Reno Tournament, the Second in the Baracus Tournament in late October. The boys were ready to play.

We plan to play Sevens and 15s with the local teams. The Vallejo Rugby Club is working with the Greater Vallejo Recreation District to start Rugby in the schools and during the summer. We are preparing to be the coaching component for the District.

We had a very successful season full of ups and downs. We came back from a four game loosing streak to the Final Four. We the Boys, the families , and the whole community have had a winning season.

The Chico play off match is on VCAT channel 27 every Saturday at 1:30 PM.

We are trying to get players for the Youth Rugby program. We haven’t had any sign ups. If you have a young person Boy or Girl have them contact us. We will direct them to the right place.

From the Ref

Post by: John at 6:53 pm February 12, 2009

VALLEJO 26 – Mendocino 0 Referee: Phil Akroyd
As at Chico two weeks ago, Mendocino traveled short to Vallejo. They arrived with eight players and the coaches agreed to play eight against eight (with a tight five in the scrums) until Vallejo got their four tries for their bonus points. This took thirteen minutes, at which point the coaches agreed to mix players and play fifteen on fifteen, over three periods of twenty minutes.

The scrimmage was good fun, with all players (and me) taking the opportunity to work on fitness in the dry, sunny and warm conditions on Mare Island. Some of the passing and running by the Vallejo players was quite stunning at times and I hope that this team can realize their potential.



check out the rankings so far this season. Proudly leading the charts is your very own Vallejo Barbarians!

From the Ref

Post by: John at 9:49 pm February 4, 2009

Petaluma 7 – VALLEJO 52 Referee: Bjorn Stumer
Touch Judges: Marc Mahoney and Vaea Anitoni
A fairly one-sided match, as Vallejo had most of the youth and speed. Petaluma was able to contain the Barbarians with vigorous forward play on the first half, but were not able to keep up pace in the second. There is much promise in the mainly islanders and youthful Vallejo side, which was able to fill all of their subs while Petaluma, with few reserves and one injury, saw its number depleted even further when their No. 7 was red-carded for berating the referee. While the first half seemed a contest, 7 to 21, the second half belonged to Vallejo’s young and fast runners. To their credit, Petaluma never quit the battle, quite the feat for a side sporting players that have graced our local pitches for almost 20 years. Final score Petaluma 7 (7) – Vallejo 52 (21).

Another Notch on the Belt

Post by: John at 10:00 pm February 3, 2009

The Vallejo Barbarians won their third league match against the Petaluma Leghorns at Petaluma’s Mcmear Park on Saturday 54 to 7.

The Barbarian trys were made by Nemani Ledua,Gordon Toki, Patrick Levi, Haukoula Toki, two by Taua Anitini, Joe Uqeuqe, and Doug Houseman, Patrick Levy made six point after conversions.

The Barbarians next play the Mendocino Steam Donkeys at Morton Field at 1:30 on Saturday February 7,2009.

John P Kelly

VALLEJO 40 – Shasta 8 Referee: Ray Schwartz
Referee Coach: Mike Malone
Qualified Touch Judge: Vaea Anitoni
After driving to Shasta the weekend before and yet having no game, both Shasta and I hoped for a full 80-minutes in Vallejo. Before this match, the Highlanders collectively commented on how they had never seen 10 rugby players drive so far and yet not bother to at least scrimmage, as Aptos had the week before. Hard to say, but the 25 Highlanders ready to play last week at home had now dwindled to 17 in Vallejo. I’m sure if they had played a decent match the week before, their numbers would have been higher…

Vallejo has numbers. And a field! In a stadium, with lights, and flagpole, rest rooms, man, this is legit! John Kelly never played rugby, but founded the team last year, and is blessed to have coaches Ben Whisky and Vaea Anitoni to work together on helping to change hearts and minds among the troubled youth of Vallejo. A great group with a great spirit. They lacked some discipline, some skill and some fitness…however, some of their players are fit and skillful. It made for a compelling match.

Mike Malone got me mic’ed up, and the game would be broadcast on local cable and the internet, with my voice over! Mike reported afterwards I had done a very good job of communicating, and during at least one long stretch, I did a lot of heavy breathing too!

Shasta came out blazing and scored the first points through a penalty. Vallejo would be persistently infringing at the tackle/ruck, just a fraction below earning a yellow card for repeat team infringements on the day. They collectively seemed to commit every penalty at least twice! I talked them out of what I could, and let advantage go as much as possible.

Vallejo roared back with a converted try. Play moved fast from try line to try line, but with no score. My left hamstring clamped up about 30 minutes in, ouch! Shasta missed two more attempts at goal before finally scoring an unconverted try, and take an 8-7 lead into halftime.

Shasta remained game, but the story of the second half was Vallejo raising theirs. There were some nice combinations between their centers and fullback leading to long runs. Their scrums, though a man short, dominated. Ben was really concerned about making certain to pick up the bonus point, and sure enough his 55-year old self scored the third of 6 tries in the half! The game ended with a charged down kick (in general play) caroming off the face of a Vallejo player, ricocheting forward to a teammate, who danced in for the score.

I appreciate Mike Malone’s feedback and enthusiasm after the match. Even though I project confidence, in truth I am a steaming mass of self-doubt…like so many of us. Mike pointed out my strengths, confirmed I had more than I thought (!), and provided good direction toward how I might best improve my ref skills.

Had a great chat with John Kelly afterwards, as I helped him take down his Stars and Stripes. Vallejo will host the NCRFU DIII championship at their home pitch, a facility/location filled with great potential, and yet surrounded by a largely abandoned former naval base. The aftermatch function was at John’s facility nearby, over the bridge in town, kind of a halfway house/youth center. The food was great, the spirits infectious! Great to be a part of NorCal rugby, and witness it growing in positive directions!

Vallejo V Marin 29-17

Post by: John at 2:41 pm January 19, 2009

The Vallejo Rugby Club Barbarians won their first regular season opener 29-17 against the Marin Reds in Marin City Saturday, January 17, 2009. Willie Salato made the first try with the conversion made by Patrick Levy. Levy made the next try. Nemani Ledua made two tries with both conversions made by Levy again. Patrick Levy made the penalty kick goal for the final three points for the Barbarians.

We had a great match yesterday. We scored 4 trys, 3 conversions and 1 penalty kick. The defense held the Marin three times at our try line and they couldn’t get in. Marin got a penalty try and 4 penalty conversions. The backs ran like the wind. They scored on three break away runs. The forwards moved the ball in mauls then gave it to the backs to carry on.

The medical report was good also just one head cut and a shoulder. Not bad for the intensity of the match. The Marin Reds will feel their match today. Our boys do.

The Barbarians next match is at 1:30 pm Saturday, January 24, at Morton Field on Mare Island. They play the Shasta Highlanders from Redding.

The Ref's View

Post by: John at 8:17 pm January 8, 2009

VALLEJO 47 – McGeorge 3 Referee: Phil Ulibarri
Assistant Referee: Bjorn Stumer
Referee Coach: Dixon Smith

Every day’s a rugby day but some rugby days are better than others especially if it means leaving sub-freezing climes for sunny California. So goodbye Reno. Hello Vallejo. The referee braved possible closure of Donner Summit and like any GOOD Nevada gambler was rewarded with a payout – good weather and good rugby made for a great Saturday.

A very well disciplined Vallejo team of nearly thirty players were eager to stretch their legs on the Mare Island pitch. McGeorge showed up short-handed and burrowed a half dozen or so players. Both sides were agreeable to four 20-minute quarters. Vallejo’s ref briefing took place in their small and cozy locker room – just off the pitch. The facility even has a referee’s dressing room and the field has full lighting for nighttime practice and fixtures. The pitch was roped, flagged and lined. The fields chairman had to be reminded of pads on the goal posts and the five-meter was just a tad off but as this was to be a friendly match, some slight adjustments were made and the game was played in the true spirit of ruby camaraderie.

Vallejo struck first and fast. Four tries and conversions in the first two quarters were answered by only one penalty kick by the future barristers. Halftime ended with Vallejo ahead 28-3. Second half brought the Vallejo 15 three tries and two conversions, all unanswered points with the game ending 47 – 3.

Excellent backline movements incorporating fast cuts back to the inside proved too much for McGeorge for the majority of the scoring. Vallejo does have some big strong youngsters in the pack who will be difficult for some other teams to handle as the season progresses.

Thanks to Vallejo for hosting an excellent venue, game and post–match meal. Thanks also to assistant referee Bjorn Stumer for making the trip and referee coach/evaluator Dixon Smith for help on the day.

2009 Season Schedule and Preseason Update

Post by: John at 11:10 am December 27, 2008

Oct 18: Reno Tournament Reno, NV (A good time was had by all)
Nov 01: Baracus Tournament San Francisco (Barbarians placed second. Marin beat us)
Dec 06: Stanislaus, Turlock (Stanislaus 24-7)
Dec 13: Stanislaus, Vallejo (Vallejo 26-Stanislaus 0)
Jan 03: McGeorge Law, Vallejo
Northern California Rugby Football Union Division III
Jan 10 : BYE
Jan 17: Marin, Marin County
Jan 24: Shasta, Vallejo, CA
Jan 31: Petaluma, Petaluma, CA
Feb 07: Mendocino, Vallejo,CA
Feb 14: global bye – USA 7s San Diego, CA
Feb 21: San Francisco Fog, San Francisco, CA (Treasure Island)
Feb 28: Mission, Vallejo, CA
Mar 07: Vacaville, Vacaville
Mar 14: Chico, Vallejo, CA
Mar 21: Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Mar 28: Make up week
Apr 04: “Round of 8″, Vallejo, CA
Apr 11: global bye – Easter
Apr 18: “Round of 4″, NorCal playoffs
Apr 25: PCRFU playoffs (Arizona)

* USA round of 16 is May 16-17
* USA finals are May 30-31

The top eight teams within the 13 team Division III will go to play off Round of 8 event on April 04, 2009. The Vallejo Rugby Club host this event.

The four winners will go to the Round of 4